Kochi International Book Festival

To Welcome Thousands of Book Lovers Coming for Celebrating the Word

Children's Book Fest

From 2007 onwards, in relation with the Kochi International Book Festival, APS is organising the annual Children's Book Festival, a unique book festival for school children. Children are encouraged to display their book collection from home, before their school mates and win prizes. School authorities also participate in the exhibition by bringing their dusty volumes outside the school libraries. An independent panel of judges visit the schools and award prizes to students and schools.

Over the years,the two month long Children's Book festival has grown into a distinctive literary and cultural festival. Schools organise various literary activities on the day of the festival, inviting writers, celebrities, and eminent personalities. 106 schools in the last year's festival. Some of the schools have displayed more than one lakh books. It was a surprise for many, but not for us, that several students who exhibited more than one thousand books, have read most of them. Truly, there is no cause for concern about the reading habit of children and youngsters.

Children's Learning Festival

A special pavilion to exhibit children’s books, educational materials etc. And also an exclusive area for children to play, learn and have fun. Exhibits can include:

  • Children’s Books, comics
  • Intellectual training apps, tablets
  • CD/DVD
  • Experimental/learning materials
  • Educational toys, Activity Kits
  • E-learning
  • Educational Books
  • Exercise books, writing materials
  • Illustrated guides/ encyclopedias
  • Sensory development activities